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Antonine Wall

East Dunbartonshire
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Ancient Roman Wall marking the North West frontier of the Empire.
Stretching 37 miles along the valleys of the Rivers Forth and Clyde, this monumental fortification was built in the years following 142AD as the frontier between the Roman Empire to the South and the Picts to the North. It is less well known than Hadrians Wall (built earlier), probably due to its method of construction - turf built rather than stone - which meant its remains were not so long-lasting. However much of the wall can be seen today, mainly the foundations and large earthwork ditch that ran alongside it. There are also some surviving traces of military buildings, notably the Roman Baths at Bearsden and Bar Hill fort, which give an insight into life for the frontier garrisons who guarded these border lands. The wall was abandoned after around 20 years, the Romans retreating back to Hadrians wall in the South, and it was never fully defended again.
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