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London Bridges

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London Bridges
Twickenham Bridge
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Twickenham Bridge
Old Deer Park/St Margaret's, Richmond, and Twickenham

Twickenham Bridge

Although first recommended in 1909, Twickenham Bridge was not opened until 1933. 

Twickenham Bridge was part of a major rebuilding and improvement scheme for the Great Chertsey Road.  Chiswick Bridge and Hampton Court Bridge were also part of the plan. 

Twickenham Bridge runs from Chertsey Road, on the Surrey side, through the Old Deer Park to join the road to Richmond.  At the time there was local objection to the construction of the bridge because its approach cut through the Old Deer Park.

Designed by Maxwell Aryton, the bridge has reinforced concrete arches and bronze balustrades and lamps, very similar in design to Chiswick Bridge, but the three river arches of Twickenham Bridge have permanent hinges for self-adjustment. It was the first large concrete bridge in Britain to be built on this principle. 

It was the second of the three new bridges to be opened by the Prince of Wales on 3 July 1933.

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