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Mansion House
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Mansion House
Walbrook, London EC4N 8BH

Mansion HouseThe Palladian facade of Mansion House, with its six large Corinthian columns, is one of the most familiar landmarks in the City. 

The official residence of the Lord Mayor, the building was designed by George Dance the Elder in 1739 and completed in 1753.   Inside are a series of state rooms, with the dignity appropriate to the office of Lord Mayor.  One of the the most magnificent is the 90 feet long Egyptian Hall, where many official banquets are held. 

Mansion House is the only private residence in England with its own Court of Justice, a reminder that the Lord Mayor is chief magistrate of the City during his year in office.   Hidden from view are 11 holding cells, 10 for men and 1, 'the birdcage' for women. Emmeline Pankhurst, who campaigned for women's suffrage in the 20th century, was once imprisoned here.

Opening Times

Open: Open for group visits by appointment only.  Written applications sent at least two months in advance, minimum 15 people, maximum 40 people. 

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