Get cash loans in minutes…but wait. Do you really need a cash loan? We look at the best interest rates, alternatives, and options you have before taking out a cash loan. Most cash loans can actually be avoided. Did you know that? Some people chose to sell the odd high ticket item they have kicking around the home rather than take out expensive interest loans. Some speak to parents or friends and negotiate themselves a deal before looking at payday loans. This is because small loans are expensive and no one wants the weight of a loan dragging them down, especially if you have bad credit, it can be 292% interest a year!

But, if you think you really need a loan then read on and we will look at the costs, how you can get one quickly, and what to look for and avoid when you borrow money online. Below are a list of questions you can expect from any cash loan enquiry and we will do our best to answer them transparently and honestly.

How can I find the best cash loans?

To find the best payday loans and cash loans you’ll need to make an application with us so that we can forward this to a long list of lenders that will be willing to take a look at your situation. From there you will then receive offers if there are any and the reason this is the best way to go about getting the best cash loans is until the offers are made we just won’t know who can offer the best deal. Many lenders will have slightly different ideas about your portfolio and therefore they will want to consider the options best to workout what offer they should make, if at all.

From here you can then choose to take up an offer for a cash loan or simply reject it. Look closely at the interest rates and repayment terms and be fully sure you are completely comfortable with the arrangement before proceeding.

Where do I go for instant cash loans from direct lenders?

To get instant loans one of the best things you can do is submit your applications to as many lenders as possible. This will give you access to instant cash loans potentially. The only thing about submitting your application to many different lenders is the amount of time that it will take. If you prefer, you could send your application to us and we will then get this seen by literally dozens of payday loan direct lenders and will give you a good chance of getting a loan if your finances are in order enough that the lenders believe that a loan will not be a problem for you to repay comfortably. Lenders must be sure before making instant cash loan decisions that you are comfortable with a loan because they must lend responsibly.

Can quick cash loans be approved in minutes with no credit check?

Categorically, there is no loan without credit check from a reputable FCA registered company. Part of ensuring that you receive a responsible amount of money is ensuring that the application is checked, including a credit check. Don’t worry though, they will first perform a soft check that causes no damage to your credit profile, it’s only after you accept an offer that a full check will be performed.

You can get very quick loans in some cases. This really boils down to the credit score and always consider that this type of loan is high acceptance and as a result the interest rates may well be higher than that of traditional lenders. Bear this in mind and always ask yourself, do you really need a quick cash loan? Here’s a look at just how seriously the interest mounts up on this type of quick loan:

Compare quick cash loans

Total Amount

Length borrowed for

Monthly APR example Representative 1266%

Loan total

Monthly repayment

£100 loan

4 months 24% £167.37 £41.84

£500 loan

4 months 24% £836.85 £209.21

I want cash loans today so who can help me short term with bad credit?

Plenty of companies can help with cash loans today. You might choose to go to lenders or perhaps credit brokers. There is a selection of companies that are waiting for your business. The process is quite simple for short term loans. If you are over 18 and have a job with a UK residence and a bank account then you can expect to have your application taken seriously if you’re looking for a loan with bad credit scores. Most lenders can accept applications as long as the above information is in order. Normally, lenders can get back to you with a decision in as little as 15 minutes when an application is straight forward.

Should I take out a cash loan to clear all my other debts as I’m struggling?

No definitely do not take out more loans to cover existing loans. This is a spiral of chaos and more than likely with the help and advice from someone like  and if you take a look at their page on struggling to pay debts and you feel forced, you’ll be able to restructure or renegotiate the terms you have currently, this applies to payday loans too. No creditor wants to see consumers suffering so they will want to help, especially if you’re showing willingness to resolve and workout payment.

Ultimately using cash loans must be done sensibly in order that we do not make more problems than we solve. Speaking to an expert with regards to debt is always going to be better than taking out more loans without advice. Seek help and you shall be helped. That is what and specialise in.