If you’re looking for instant loans then we can probably help you. We will show the you costs and options available to you as well as alternatives to instant loans. Before you decide you need an instant loan though, why don’t we consider some of the alternatives to an instant loan that would be almost as effective?

If you’re looking to get instant money you could sell some of your possessions to a pawn broker. It’s probably better to sell unwanted possessions than pawn them because this way you do not have the burden of having to repay any interest either. If you do have some assets of value then this is one great way of decluttering your home and avoiding payday loans. If you don’t have any things worth selling then perhaps you could do a few jobs for someone you know. Ask them for a bit of money upfront and perhaps they will help. If you’re clean out of options then please read below to see what you can get from an instant loan or borrow money in general.

How do I apply for instant loans from direct lenders with bad credit?

Applying for instant loans is easy and direct lenders can help too. It doesn’t matter if you feel you have bad credit. It’s how the lenders feel about your financial situation so please be honest and upfront with them and they will try to help you. Loans for bad credit are generally expensive interest. So always beware of this and apply to as many payday loan direct lenders as you possibly can so that they will be able to help you realise the cheapest possible instant loan. Make sure that you tell everything there is about your finances and this will give the lenders a better chance at understanding you and your finances which is going to result in a happier outcome when applying for a payday loan with bad credit!

What is the best way to get instant loans in the UK without a guarantor?

It’s not easy to get the best payday loans in the UK. Instant payday loans without a guarantor can be found in a number of places but one way to get your details in front of lenders is to get us to help you. When you submit an application to us we can normally get your loan details seen by 50 or more companies in the UK that will be more than willing to help you should they believe that you are financially capable of making the repayments. This way you won’t need a guarantor either but it’s possible that the interest rate will be slightly higher if you do not have someone that will back you up.

Compare alternative instant loans

Total Amount

Length borrowed for

Monthly APR example Representative 1266%

Loan total

Monthly repayment

£350 loan

3 months 24% £529.95 £176.65

£1000 loan

3 months 24% £1514.16 £504.72

Please remember these are just examples and that your loan offer can differ from these.

Who offers instant decision loans with no credit check quickly?

You just can’t get a loan with no credit check I am afraid to say, not unless you are prepared to take an illegal loan from outside of the safety provided by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). All registered companies by law are required to make a check on your credit status to ensure that the money that they lend you will not cause you harm or stress. Even if you need an instant loan right now they are just simply not permitted to loan money without carefully checking your details to ensure that they are lending responsibly. While this might be a bit of a downer, it’s really not. Think about it, though you want an instant payday loan, they want to make money on the interest, but will not do it for your own welfare.

This is what you can expect from the Financial Conduct Authority by the way. They are working to protect the consumer and save you from a whole headache or worse down the line. So while an instant decision quick loans gives you what you need now, it might not be for the best in the long term.

Who will help me when I am in trouble with repaying short term personal loans?

There are lots of people willing to help you with an instant loan debt. Any payday loan can be helped for that matter. Basically, the most important thing is to not bury your head in the sand. Make sure that you face up to the problem and get help. If you want to make a start I would suggest looking at https://www.stepchange.org/debt-info/personal-loan-debt.aspx. If you have any kind of debt personally then this is a great resource and starting point to getting yourself out of a hole. Remember, short term loans are expensive and you really should attempt to clear them as quickly as possible so they don’t mount up on you!