Same day loans

Same day loans are getting more and more popular. Whether you are looking to borrow a couple of hundred or a couple of thousand, whether you want to pay it back in a single payment or spread it out over a longer period, there are same day loans out there to suit your needs. Same day loans are especially popular with people who have a bad credit history that prevents them from going to more traditional lenders making payday loans or short term loans as they are sometimes referred more viable..

Because same day loan lenders don’t do the same kind of credit checks as banks and credit card companies, they have a higher acceptance rate, and this makes them a valid alternative when your credit score isn’t what you wished it was. It’s not just people with bad credit that take out same day loans, sometimes people who have no previous credit problems need money in a hurry and, for whatever reason, don’t want to get a bank loan or max out their credit cards, so they get a same day loan instead and generally speaking these loans are high acceptance.

While interest rates for these quick loans is higher than borrowing from a bank, you can opt to pay back the loan very quickly so that you’re total expense is not that high.

Where can I find the best same day loans in the UK?
Can I get quick same day loans with bad credit or no credit check?
What are my options for getting same day loans with no guarantor?
Who are the best same day loan direct lenders?

Where can I find the best same day loans in the UK?

Finding the best same day loans is a matter of persistence, as you will have to apply for one with multiple lenders.
There are thousands of direct lenders who offer same day loans in the UK but they will all have their own ways of assessing your eligibility. That means that a quote from one lender may be drastically different from another. Of course, applying for multiple loans is quite time consuming as you have to fill in your details numerous times, and if you want your money in a hurry it is hardly ideal. If you apply with us we will do our best to connect you to the best loans as quickly as possible.

That’s were a broker comes in. By simply filling in our online form just one time you are allowing us to approach lenders on your behalf, saving you from having to do it. We will make sure that your details and application are looked over by up to 50 lenders, then we will come back with the best quotes for you to look at.

Can I get quick same day loans with bad credit or no credit check?

The answer to that is yes, you can get quick same day loans with bad credit but no credit check loans is a myth. Obviously, the better your financial standing, the faster lenders are going to make a positive decision about you, but having a poor credit history doesn’t mean that you’ll be left at the bottom of the pile. Same day loan lenders look at each case individually and have their own criteria to help them decide who to lend money with. In general, these fast loans have a high acceptance rate, and as long as you are honest about your bad credit, and can show that you are able to repay the loan, you could be successful with your application.

What are my options for getting same day loans with no guarantor?

If you really need the money in the same day, your best chance of achieving it is to make sure that your general financial situation, and the documentation/ evidence to back it up especially if you want a no guarantor loan, that shows you can make the repayments without running into further trouble and then you can be considered for a loan without guarantor. Previous credit problems are not the be all and end all with same day loan lenders, so if you’ve made mistakes in the past, but can show that you now more in control of your finances, it’s likely that a lender will make you a quick offer.

Who are the best same day loan direct lenders?

As I already mentioned, there is no clear answer for this as depends on your financial situation and how the individual lenders perceive it. A good way to reach a lot of top tier payday loan direct lenders in the shortest time possible is to fill in our application form. We will get your information to dozens of direct lenders so your chances of getting the best same day loan offers is greatly increased.

Compare same day loan for £500 and £1000

Total Amount

Length borrowed for

Monthly APR example Representative 1266%

Loan total

Monthly repayment

£500 loan

4 months 24% £836.85 £209.21

£1000 loan

4 months 24% £1673.71 £418.43

What will happen if I can’t make the payments on a same day loan?

Missing payments on any loan or credit card is always a bad thing as you will get hit with penalties by the lender. These could be in the form of a one of fee for being late, or an increased interest rate, or something else. Always make sure you know what the possible penalties are before accepting a loan offer, and never take out a same day loan if you are not 100% sure that you will not have difficulties paying it back. If you do get into difficulty speak to someone. The first place to start is as they be able to advise you if you’re having debt problems.

It may be tempting to want to borrow more than you need, but just remember that the interest rates on same day loans can be quite high, and the penalties for missing repayments may leave you in hot water.