Text loans are an interesting way of borrowing money when you need a quick fix. These deliver a fast method of borrowing and many direct lenders note on their website that you can get these done within 30 minutes but they do come with some drawbacks, one of which being the interest rate and terms if you have bad credit scores. Text loans are generally for smaller amounts of money and the whole process is entirely carried out by text.

Can I get £100 text loans?

The answer is yes, you can get £100 text loans and one of the easiest way to find these is online. You can search for text loans and you’ll come up with a list of companies that will be willing to help and that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and therefore they offer genuine, honest loans that you will be able to repay comfortably. If they don’t feel you can repay the £100 text loan you want, then more than likely they will not lend the money. Nor will they lend the money if they think the loan will put you into financial difficulty so it’s always best to be as honest as possible in your application so that the lenders can fully understand the situation.

Do they do text loans from direct lenders with no credit check?

No, simply put. There’s no such things as loans without credit check. All companies that are regulated by the FCA will have a duty to make sure that the money they lend you is responsible and part of this is to ensure a credit check is performed on every single loan offer that is made. This is to protect you and if you can’t get a loan as a result then it is probably in your best interests but always consider that this type of loan is high acceptance like payday loans. So when looking for a loan with no credit check, always remember there will be one and financial honesty is the best policy, and that goes for every aspect of our lives.

How do I find text loans lenders?

One way to find these text loans lenders is to look online. Another good way is to look in newspapers or in classified ads. Anywhere where you can advertise, you can normally find text loans lenders. Most importantly, you make sure that these lenders are registered and regulated by the FCA or they would be classified as loan sharks. Using loan sharks can be dangerous and illegal so best to steer clear when there are so many legitimate options that will want to help you with the quick financial fix that you need to get back on your feet again.

Are text loans 24 7?

If you can find text loans 24 7 then using the internet for a quick loan is also an option. You can simply apply for loans on the internet at any time of the day and if your credit score is good enough then theres the possibility that you’ll pass auto decisioning and the result is that you can get an instant loan in some cases. This is just as effective as text loans 24 7.

The most important conclusions to draw are that text loans should only be taken by those on the FCA register and that you are comfortable with the loan and always remember that if you need emergency help then stepchange.org will be available to you.