If you’re looking for loans without guarantor then we may be able to help by putting your application in front of many lenders that specialise in loans without a guarantor and bad credit scores. Generally you’ll find plenty of short term loan options that do not require a guarantor but the interest rate and availability generally are dictated by your financial situation. The better your finances, the better the terms of the loans offers you receive will be. That doesn’t mean bad credit loans will be ignored, these loans are high acceptance. Ultimately how the offers come in is down to the way in which lenders see how things are going. So pop us an application and we will see what the financial professionals say. If you’re still looking for answers then please feel free to read on.

How to apply for loans without guarantor quickly?

Loans without guarantor can be applied for online, at a branch of a lender, or over the phone in some cases. The easiest way by far though is with a few clicks of the button you can bring up our application form which most fill in within 3-4 minutes. This collects some basic details to ensure you’re eligible for a loan. The first thing a lender looks for is that you’re over 18 with a job and income. Then they want to make sure that you have a bank account and a valid UK address. If you want this to be a quick loan then it helps that you have a smart phone so that you can review potential offers. If you meet these basic criteria then you can be considered for a loan and your application will be handled as quickly as possible.

Can I borrow money without credit check or guarantor?

You won’t get a loan without a credit check. There’s just no way a reputable company can do it. Certainly, prior to the loan a lender can do a soft search which won’t leave a print on your credit file but if you agree to take out a loan then almost certainly you will need to be credit checked. this is because UK lenders have a duty of care and must ensure that any money they lend you is fair and reasonable. You should not be able to borrow money without being able to comfortably afford to make repayments. It would be irresponsible of a lender to not ensure this and therefore the loan would be unfair. So, a credit check must be carried out but don’t worry too much, as mentioned in the previous question as long as you meet the basic criteria you are likely to be considered for a loan.

I want loans without a guarantor from direct lenders in the UK

Direct lenders that offer loans without guarantor often do so very quickly. Did you know we have contact with nearly 50 direct lenders that would be more than willing to consider your application to borrow cash? With one simple application we can put you in front of many payday loan direct lenders that are experts in making decisions on loans without a guarantor. You can also go through the process of visiting each direct lenders website and they will then give you an individual offer but this may take a fair amount more time than simply shooting us an application just the once to reach a wide audience.

Compare loans without guarantor and bad credit

If you have bad credit and want a loan without guarantor then the chances are the interest rate will be higher than someone that has a perfect record. So carefully review any offers that you get and make sure that you are completely comfortable with the repayments before taking the loan. The last thing you want is to borrow cash now and then find yourself in a situation of difficulty down the line. This brings up a key point. Only borrow what money you need. Here’s a table to show interest on bad credit loans. It is also worth visiting or payday loans with bad credit and no guarantor too for more information on pricing.

Loans without guarantor

Total Amount

Length borrowed for

Monthly APR example Representative 1266%

Loan total

Monthly repayment

£50 loan

3 months 24% £76.09 £25.36

£100 loan

6 months 24% £198.64 £33.11

Who does bad credit loans without guarantor?

Generally speaking most of the lenders we will submit your application to review bad credit loans without guarantor if you meet the basic eligibility requirements. While there’s no way of knowing if you’ll actually get a loan or not, it all pretty much depends on whether or not your idea of bad credit is the same as a lender. They will be able to expertly assess your situation and if they believe you can afford a loan they may make an offer. The thing to remember is only take a loan if you genuinely believe that you can afford the terms much in the same as you need to be careful when you take a bad credit payday loan that carries excessive interest as a result of the risk to the lenders.

Can I apply with loans for bad credit without guarantor?

You most certainly can try to get loans for bad credit without guarantor. It involves putting an application our way and we will take care of the rest for you. You can also apply with other brokers or institutions. Remember, the more people you speak to, the more likely they are to be able to consider you for a loan and therefore the rate may well be less and so a good financial decision to reduce interest rates if you really need a loan.

I’m really struggling financially – should I get a loan without guarantor?

No, don’t do it without seeking expert financial advice first. Simply put do not compound your credit problems until you have spoken with an expert from someone like stepchange.org or nationaldebtline.org. They will be able to advise you how to handle your finances and are trained to help people out of bad credit situations. They may advise the renegotiate the terms of repayment with current creditors rather than take out more loans to cover bad ones. So please, speak to a professional it’s free, payday loans are not the solution necessarily and heres a link to struggling with debt to get you started: https://www.stepchange.org/debt-info/types-of-debt/payday-loan-debt.aspx. This is a good starting point for payday loan debt and may mean you don’t need loans without guarantors after all.