You’re looking for cheap payday loans? We can help connect you with dozens of lenders to help you find the best possible rates. Getting cheaper payday loan deals relies on a number of factors but most importantly your financial health. It’s likely that a customer with a better credit history seeking short term loans will do better than one with a dubious past or no financial history at all but if you read on we will look into the best ways to go about achieving a cheaper payday loan deal and some of the more commonly asked questions.

Can I get cheap payday loans with no credit checks and high acceptance?

It’s going to be impossible to get a cheap payday loan with no credit check through legitimate sources because as part of lenders being authorised they must ensure they lend money carefully to people in a way that means that it will not effect the borrowers life or damage them financially at all but payday loans are high acceptance so be honest with your application and it might workout well. Without a credit check there would be no way to ensure that the money lent was responsible and fair. Lenders must treat all borrowers fairly and honestly. This means that they should be checking to ensure that the money you borrow is not going to cause you any extra stress or harm and that you can comfortably handle the repayment terms. This is good that you have such a level of protection but does make a credit check necessary

Who do these loans for bad credit fast?

Normally cheap payday loans aren’t associated with bad credit loans. The better interest rates are generally for those with perceived better credit. This is because of the reduced risk from those with a history of repaying and meeting financial responsibilities all the time. One thing you can do is send your application over and we will see what the lenders think about the situation and what offers they might be able to put to you.

Where can I get the best cheap loans quickly?

To find the best payday loans really involves one thing. Putting your application to lenders, as many of them as you can find and simply reviewing the offers that are put to you. From here you can workout which is the best offer based on the amount of money they are willing to lend, the repayment terms, how much interest they want to charge, and of course how quickly they will release the money to your account. Quick loans are more appealing than a loan that is dragged out and takes ages to approve. Luckily with the modern technology available some payday loans can actually be instant decision. This occurs when your credit score is good enough that you don’t need to be assessed beyond automatic software.

Who offers the cheapest payday loans instantly?

To get instant cheapest payday loans you’ll be relying on auto decisioning software. Generally speaking, you can you need a pretty good credit score so that you can pass auto decisioning and therefore it will be an instant payday loan. The cheapest payday loans can only be found by applying to as many lenders as you possibly can. This will help you by allowing more lenders to checkout your profile and make their offers based on what they believe is responsible and sensible for your current financial position.

Compare cheap payday loans to find the lowest apr and interest rates?

Finding the lowest APR payday loans relies on your credit rating and who you speak to. The good news is, the most you’ll pay is 0.8% and this is set by the Financial Conduct Authority who judged this in their HCSTC recent report. You can also only be charged £15 if you pay late. These fees are capped and if you are charged more you have the right to complain. So this is a good starting point for how much cheap payday loans actually might cost you. If you have good credit scores it might be that you can improve on that rate. Here’s a look at the interest rate costs for worst case short term loans.

Compare cheap payday loans

Total Amount

Length borrowed for

Monthly APR example Representative 1266%

Loan total

Monthly repayment

£100 loan

3 months 24% £152.17 £50.72

£400 loan

3 months 24% £608.69 £202.90

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