Guaranteed payday loans

If you see a website offering guaranteed payday loans, do yourself a favour and run a mile away. This is because there are no such things as guaranteed loans from any legally registered lenders, and the site will most likely be illegal, and basically a loan shark.

If it’s not an illegal loan shark site, then most likely it is just clever word play and a little bit of a closer look will reveal that there are no guaranteed loans available after all, and that the lenders really meant that they guarantee to look at your application or something similar.

Just because there are no such things as guaranteed payday loans, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t loans with very high acceptance rate loans from lenders that are registered with the financial conduct authority. These lenders follow the strict guidelines set out by the FCA and are above board and legal, and still offer people with prior credit problems a chance to get emergency financial help when they need it.

You are guaranteed a fair crack of the whip, as your application will be taken under consideration like everyone else’s, but you are not guaranteed a payday loan without first being subjected to some checks. This page is dedicated to educating people about their choices for borrowing money even if they have a poor credit score, and hopefully help them to avoid the pitfalls associated with so called guaranteed short term loans.

Let’s take a look at some answers for questions that are often asked about bad credit loans.

What are the alternatives for guaranteed loans?

If you don’t have any past credit problems, your best bet would be to go and talk to your bank manager, or apply for a credit card as the interest rates would probably be lower than a bad credit loan. Unfortunately, for a lot of people a bank loan just isn’t an option, nor is other mainstream credit sources because mistakes made when they were younger have negatively affected their credit score.

For these people a payday loan, sometimes called bad credit loans or short term loans, are something they can turn to in times when a quick cash injection is needed. These loans are offered by direct lenders that use a different set of criteria when judging whether or not a person should be allowed to borrow money and are used to dealing with people with bad credit scores.
If you would like more information on this subject, including the basic criteria for eligibility, please visit our payday loans page.

Where can I get guaranteed payday loans for people with bad credit?

As we said above, there is no such thing as a guaranteed loan from anyone who isn’t breaking the law. There are, however, loans offered by direct lenders to people with bad credit. These loans are usually for smaller amounts than bank loans and can be for as little as 100 pounds in some cases. They are most often paid back quickly within a few months in a small number of instalments but loans for larger sums over longer periods of time are also available for the right candidates, typically they are 12 month loans. It is important to note that payday loans have a higher rate of interest than mainstream lenders, so stretching a loan repayments out with inevitable end up costing you a lot more than settling the debt quickly.

What are the best alternatives to guaranteed loans with no credit check?

It is against the law to lend money without carrying out some kind of credit check. When you apply for a loan through mainstream channels, the potential lender will scrutinise your credit file that is supplied by credit referencing agency. The file is a comprehensive record of your financial history, so any financial problems you have had will be on there and are often used to reject loan applications.

Payday loan lenders don’t usually pay too much attention to previous monetary problems, but they will still check your present status to make sure you can repay the money they lend you without getting yourself into more trouble, that’s what you can expect from the best payday loan providers. So, when you see a loan offered with no credit check, what they actually mean is that it won’t be the same credit check traditional lenders do, not that there will be a loan with no credit check at all.

Can I get help finding a guaranteed cash loan?

No reputable lender will offer a guaranteed cash loan, just as no reputable broker will offer assistance in finding one.
However, helping people find an affordable payday loan with bad credit is what we do. So if you are in need of money in a hurry and would like us to aid you in acquiring it in the fastest time possible, simply fill in our online form and we will get to work for you straight away and fine you the best alternative to a guaranteed loan.

I’ve been offered a guaranteed loan by an online lender, what should I do?

If you are offered a guaranteed loan from an online lender, then it will most probably be illegal. You can find out if they are a loan shark by looking to see if their name is on the financial services register. If their name does not appear on that list then you should report them to stop them from preying on unsuspecting people in the future.
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