Quick loans for students are available from direct lenders to help you get through a rough patch. They are typically taken out as short term loans and paid back within a few months. The criteria for one of these loans is fairly simple; if you are at least 18 years old, can prove that you can pay back the loan, live in the UK and have a bank account, then you can apply for a quick loan for students.

Where can I find the best loans for students in the UK from direct lenders?

This isn’t as straight forward an answer as we would like as there are a lot of variables involved. Firstly, it depends on your personal situation and how the lenders assess your eligibility. Direct lenders of payday loans do not all see your application the same way and the quotes/offers you receive from them may differ quite a lot. This is why we suggest getting help from a quick student loans broker so that they can quickly contact lenders for you and present a good selection of quotes to you.

These quotes are obligation free, so if you don’t like them you can simply refuse.

How much is a typical quick loan for students taken out for?

The amount borrowed in a quick loan for students, changes from case to case. Sometimes it’s as little as a couple of hundred pounds, while others may need to lend more to get them out of the trouble they find themselves in. Whether it’s 100 or £1000 loans, these direct loans can be organised completely online and in some cases you can have the money in your account on the same day.

How can I apply for an instant loan for students?

The most convenient, and time saving way is to fill in our online form and let us do the leg work for you. We will make sure that your loan application is seen by a good selection of lenders as promptly as possible and while it’s not an instant loan because of the process, it can be quick. The speed at which you will receive feedback or offers from lenders all depends on your credit score. While having a bad credit score won’t necessarily eliminate your chances of getting a fast loan for students, it might slow the application process down a little while they decide on whether or not to lend you the money.

Who offers the cheapest way to borrow money?

Quick loans from direct lenders aren’t the cheapest way to borrow money, especially of you have bad credit.
This is because to cover the risk of lending money to people with a less than perfect credit history, they charge high interest rates so cheap payday loans are not all that cheap! So, to reduce the overall cost of a quick loan from a direct lender, you should try to pay it back as fast as you can. The lower the number of repayment instalments you have to make, the cheaper it will be.

Compare loans for students

Total Amount

Length borrowed for

Monthly APR example Representative 1266%

Loan total

Monthly repayment

£200 loan

6 months 24% £397.29 £66.21

£100 loan

3 months 24% £151.42 £50.47

Will applying for a short term loan for students hurt my credit rating?

Unsuccessfully applying for any type of short term loan or credit with negatively affect your credit score, it’s just the way it is unfortunately. However, the lenders that we work with are more interested in your current situation and ability to pay the loan back and so will do what is referred to as a ‘soft’ credit check. This check will not hurt your credit rating if you are turned down by the lender.
If you are successful in your application, you need to make all the repayments on time or this could also affect your credit score in a bad way.

What are my other borrowing options as a student?

A government student loans company should always be your first port of call if you are a student looking to borrow money. This is because of the relatively low interest rates and penalties when compared with a short term payday loan. You can speak to Money Service Advice or read their page on student finance: https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/student-finance

If this is not an option for you, for whatever reason, and you think a fast loan from a direct lender is the best way out of your present problem, then allow us to guide and help you by filling in our online form. Enlisting our help will save you a lot of time and guess work and the money could be on your way before you know it.