TOURUK Short Term Loans

Welcome to TOURUK Online Loans. We aim to offer the very best in short term and payday loan information. With so many loan companies and offers you’ll often find conflicting opinion but wherever we offer one, there will be common sense, logic, and factual research data to back it up. The consequences of not repaying a loan on time can linger for years. Look after yourself.

Don’t become a victim of credit, but instead use it responsibly to help yourself improve your life. That’s the whole purpose of credit, not to trap yourself in unmanageable debt.

The best place to start with the myriad of loans available would be a rundown of the various options you might expect to find online and these are not limited to:

Payday loans

The most commonly found loan on the internet is often referred to as payday loans. This is especially true of people that believe they have bad credit and no immediate access to traditional lenders such as banks. This can also be true of people that want instant loans for a quick decision. Payday loans can serve a useful purpose if applied correctly. A payday loan is used typically used to iron out unforeseen expenses that occur before payday. This may include a car breakdown or unexpected increase in insurance premium that would otherwise hinder your ability to get to work on time, or perhaps, at all!

Short term loans

Short term loans are also very similar to payday loans but generally the idea of a short term loan is that it will range from 3 months all the way up to 18 months. This is slightly different to payday loans. It’s expected that you will clear the entire balance of funds due more quickly a month or two after taking out the loan. For this reason short term loans offer excellent flexibility in a situation whereby clearing the loan within a month or two may be a little difficult financially. Taking out a short term loan for 6 months will result in a higher amount of interest accrued and that should always be factored into your consideration when using any loan service.

Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans are sometimes referred to as loans for bad credit. This is because it is commonly searched on the internet to the point it is now a prominent term and can be a little misleading. Technically, there is no “bad credit loans“. So any broker or lender advertising as such should raise caution in your further dealings. What is probably mean’t by bad credit loans, is simply, a calculation of credit score & financial circumstances to ensure you are more than capable of making repayments on any money you borrow without financial difficulty ensuing. Everything boils down to credit score and financial circumstances. So when someone searches loans for bad credit, that might be their perceived idea of their situation and a credit score will clear this up.

Borrow money

When you’re looking at borrowing money it falls into any of the categories above. Borrowing money online should largely boil down to your need. They should practically outweigh going without and due to the high interest nature of this type of quick credit, one should always question ‘Do I really need the money?’. If you’re trying to get to work and had a failure of your vehicle or similar, the benefits of the loan may be outweigh the interest cost. In which case, it may make sense to borrow money. Always carefully considering any loan before you take one out though. Interest ultimately means you’ll have less at some point.


Always be careful when you’re looking for quick money that can be repaid flexibly. Generally speaking when you borrow money in this way online, it will be small amounts. Some people find themselves in an emergency, and they just need a loan instantly. For whatever reason you need to borrow money the same day, there’s every chance you’ll be able to do so and possibly without guarantor too. Much relies on your financial circumstances but you certainly don’t need a perfect credit rating to obtain this type of fast loan. They are designed for those without a perfect credit history.

Generally you can borrow all the way up to 12 months, and in some cases 18 months should circumstances dictate this. You might consider a loan in the form of texts. Generally the same applies and one should proceed with caution and if you’re credit score is lower, there’s always the option of a secured logbook loan.

What is the best way to stay safe when taking a loan?

Most loan options should be carefully considered before taking the plunge. Always make sure that any loan you take, you can afford. Always carefully read the fine print, make sure you fully understand the interest rates and the costs. If you’re not sure ask. Make sure you fully understand the implications of late or non payment. All legitimate FCA registered brokers and lenders will be all too glad to offer transparency, in fact, as part of their authorisation it is a requirement to be as clear and fair as possible when brokering or selling a loan.